NASL Broker Services

Your Partner in Non-Fault Accident Claims Management

NASL Broker Services’ Mission

At NASL Broker Services, our mission is to revolutionise the insurance industry by providing innovative and customer-centric solutions for non-fault accident claims. We are committed to simplifying the claims process, reducing complexities, and delivering exceptional value to insurance companies. Our goal is to become the trusted partner that empowers insurers to provide seamless and efficient support to their policyholders during challenging times.

Why Choose NASL Broker Services

True Conversion

NASL Broker Services diversified panel of credit hire companies can provide a more accurate reflection of conversion rates. Having multiple options allows you to select the best-fit provider for each unique claim, optimising conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Experienced Staff

Dedicated team in non-fault accident claims management. Vast industry knowledge, including legal and regulatory nuances, which ensures smooth claims processing and minimises disputes.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Showcasing our ability to offer tailored solutions leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Happy policyholders are more likely to remain loyal and recommend your insurance company to others.

Access to Multiple Fleets

You will benefit of having access to NASL's wide variety of vehicle fleets, from compact cars to specialty vehicles. This diversity ensures that policyholders receive suitable replacement vehicles promptly, improving their overall experience.

Leveraging Credit Hire Company Strengths

We leverage the strengths of each credit hire company in our panel. Emphasising our ability to match the right provider to each specific claim, optimising efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Strategic Partnerships

Our commitment to forming strategic partnerships with Credit Hire Companies. Our aim is to align with your objectives and help you achieve operational excellence, increased customer retention, and growth

Our Comprehensive Solutions

Holistic Claims Management

Our all-encompassing approach to non-fault accident claims management. Our services cover every aspect, from the initial FNOL to final resolution.

Broker Portal – Real Time Access

User-friendly broker portal, enabling you to access live claims data effortlessly whether it is through desktop or our mobile app.
This tool empowers brokers with the information they need to make informed decisions and provide top-notch service to their clients.

Tailored MI Reports

Tailored Management Information (MI) reports. These reports provide data-driven insights at the frequency desired by you, aiding in strategic decision-making and continuous improvement.

Experienced Staff

Claims Specialists with a wealth of experience in non-fault claims to ensure maximising your conversion and keeping your costs low.

Fleet Insurance

Specific fleet insurance cover to ensure coverage for the client for when hire companies are not able to insure them.

White Labelled FNOL Line

White-labelled FNOL phone line staffed by experienced UK-based claims handlers. This seamless service ensures policyholders receive immediate support when they need it most, setting a positive tone for the entire claims process.

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated Account Management team, a personalized support system for your insurance partners. This team ensures that your partnership runs smoothly, anticipates your needs, and addresses any concerns promptly.

Access to Multiple Fleets

Multiple Fleets available to you, nationwide ensuring your client will not have delays getting a vehicle to them.

Nationwide Repair Network

Nationwide coverage of accredited garages to ensure customers are happy with their repairs with garages they can trust.

24 Hour Car Replacement

Get the Right Compensation?