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Our objective is to deliver a fast and effective accident compensation services in UK. Claims compensation bureau at National Accident Support Line helps in the best possible way in the event of a roadside accident claim, pedestrian accident, car accident claim, motorbike accident claim, personal injury, accident at workplace, medical injury and more.

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What Sets Us Apart

The National Accident Support Line (NASL) stands out in the accident management industry as a premier One-Stop Solution for those in need. With just one phone call, NASL streamlines the entire process, from recovery of your vehicle to hire, repair and personal injury. What distinguishes NASL is our commitment to providing comprehensive assistance, boasting a partnership with a diverse panel of solicitors and combined experience of over 100 years in the accident management industry. NASL is an established brand in the industry & has been helping hundreds of people to claim every day, ensuring that clients receive the support they deserve swiftly and effectively.

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Get free advice to all your queries on a claim and compensation

Our experts are available to answer your claim queries and support all types of injury compensation, car and motorbike hire, repair and management services.

We all want to be treated as individuals. At National Accident Support line we understand that every case, and every claimant, is different. The simplest way to find out if you can make a no win no fee claim is to give us a call or fill out the form below.

Our Three Step Check should give you an idea of what we’ll need to find out from you:

1. Did your accident happen in the last three years?

2. Was the accident someone else’s fault?

3. Were you injured as a result of the accident?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, or are still unsure, then go ahead and give us a call on 0333 212 2730 and we’ll be able to tell you in minutes if we think you have a claim. There’s no obligation; we’re just here to offer advice. We will answer any questions you have and, if you do choose to make a no win no fee claim, we will help you with the next steps.

We understand that recovering from an injury may have put you under financial pressure. Perhaps you had to take time off work or pay bills you didn’t expect.

Making a claim with us is risk-free, as we treat claims on a no win no fee basis. If your claim does not succeed, you won’t have to pay anything. There are a few exceptions to this rule that your solicitor will be able to explain to you.

‘No win no fee’ is the conditional agreement between you and your solicitor. It means that, if your case is unsuccessful, your solicitor won’t charge you any fees. Our solicitors will only take on your case if they think your claim will be successful. The benefit of this is that you won’t waste your valuable time starting off a claim that has little chance of winning. We have in-depth knowledge of compensation claims, meaning that we will be able to quickly work out whether we can help you. With our help, you could be on your journey to compensation within minutes.

If you were injured in a road accident then you may be able to claim compensation. This is true whether you were a driver, a passenger, a cyclist or a pedestrian. As you might expect, you can claim if the accident was caused by another driver.

A fault on the road such as a pothole or faulty traffic light could also lead to a successful claim. In the case of another driver being at fault, compensation will be paid for by their insurance company. There’s therefore no need to feel uncomfortable about receiving the compensation you deserve.

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Every day we help 100's of people across the UK

Welcome to National Accident Support Line (NASL).
If you live in the United Kingdom and have an issue regarding a claim compensation of any type, including serious injury, caused by someone else’s negligence, then you are in the right place.

We partner with a diverse panel of solicitors for claims compensation for each specific case. Our accident claim experts will be in touch with you all the time during the case. So, call us now to discuss your claim under no obligation!

We have grown faster than any other law firm

National Accident Support Line (NASL) was formed to offer people a one stop solution for post-accident assistance. A lot of times people don’t understand how to go about claiming for their entitlements or simply find it too difficult and time consuming to go through several companies to make necessary arrangements. At NASL we have a complete solution whether it is getting a hire vehicle, recovering the vehicle, repairing the vehicle or claiming compensation for the injuries everything is managed at one point of contact.
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If you are ready to make a claim for any injury or accident? Call our Helpline (0333 212 2730). At NASL, we help you gain the maximum compensation you deserve in the shortest possible time. Do not delay when you are not at fault and have met an accident that has led to a serious injury or loss in income, asset or health. Call now and speak to our expert advisory team who can align you with experienced solicitors in the UK, for free advice without any obligation.

Compensation settlement with the National Accident Support line carries minimum risk. You’re eligible to claim compensation for accident if the accident was not your fault. You can claim serious injury compensation and accident at workplace. Have you suffered financial loss or damage of an asset? Start your claim anytime or get free advice on your case by our expert solicitors, who can assist on how you can claim for an accident in the UK.

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