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Industrial accident can be caused by negligence, for example not keeping the industrial area save free from unnecessary can also be caused by the poorly installed electrical appliances that might end by causing a problem. Accidents are often caused by the human errors at industrial areas.

What you should not do if you face an accident?

There are different reasons that might cause industrial accidents. The ground surface should be clear there should not be any object that could have someone fall or trip it is important and the responsibility of both the employee and the employer. Also to clean the spilled liquid immediately to avoid the danger of slips and falls.

Inappropriate storage of chemicals and supplies can lead to accident at industrial area. Washing agents, chemicals and cleaners should be stored at a saved place. Also the workers should be trained how to store harmful chemicals to reduce the risk of exposure.

Types of industrial accidents claim:

Industrial accident occur frequently due to the use of dangerous machinery such as mining, construction, agriculture and manufacturing. Compensation claim lawyers have assisted with a wide range of industrial accident claims, including:

Heavy lifting and manual accident:

Working with heavy machinery might cause deep muscle tissue damage, particularly back injury and neck injury. Employees training and lifting equipment to reduce the risk should be provided to employees working at the industrial area.

Accidents by dangerous machinery:

Training and safety advice of heavy machinery is required if such equipment are used. Without the knowledge provided to the employee may be evidence of an employer’s negligence.

Harmful substance accidents:

Avoid using hazardous substance might cause chemical burns, skin irritations or respiratory illnesses, if inhaled, ingested or splashed on the skin. Safety equipment like goggles, breathing masks and other personal protective equipment should be provided to employees.

Falls from height:

The work at height may cause broken bones and other major injuries, using of equipment like ladders, scaffolding and platforms including harnesses and hoisting automated equipment must be provided to workers for industrial areas.

Compensation claim for workers working in this sectors whether full time, part time have full rights to claim for injuries faced at industrial area

What one do if involved in industrial accidents:

If you face an industrial accident seek for professional medical help as soon as possible .if required get first aids and medical attentions to minimize the risk of serious drawback.

The proper authorities and work managements and personnel should be notified of the occurrences because as soon as you claim for industrial compensation.

Proceedings for accident at industry claim:

Many people do not claim industrial accident compensation due to the fear of losing their jobs. There are number of thing to remember when claiming for compensation.
Firstly, find yourself a solicitor who has the knowledge and had previous success in this type of industrial accident claim UK cases.
in order to aid your solicitor, collect all necessary evidence take a couple of photographs of the accident at industry as it will help you claim for the compensation and will make your case strong.

Where to get help from?

The national accident support line is the leading body in London actively working to provide guide line and help to those who wish to claim for industrial accident compensation for their injuries .It offers all necessary confidential advice on Phone or via website

We provide free advice all you have to do is fill our compensation form and other requirements. We will call you back to start off with the processing of claim.