Who We Are ?

About National Accident Support Line

Our Philosophy

Our objective is to deliver a fast and effective service to the members of the public. To aid them in their time of need and loss. To ensure we help them in the best way possible. To also help them reimburse the loss they may have made in the event of an accident or injury. National Accident Support Line was formed to offer people a one stop solution for post-accident assistance. A lot of times People don’t understand how to go on about claiming for their entitlements Or simply find it too difficult and time consuming to go through several companies to make necessary arrangements. At we have a complete solution   whether it is getting a hire vehicle, Recovering the vehicle, Repairing the Vehicle or claiming compensation for the injuries everything is managed at one point of contact. We understand having an accident is an inconvenience itself and the last thing you want to do is manage the Hire, Repair and Personal injury yourself. We Believe you get on with your normal day to day routine and we sort everything out for you whilst you recover.