Bicycle Accident Claim UK

Get the bicycle compensation claim under the consultancy of expert solicitors across UK

Bicycle accident are often caused because cyclists when riding out are often extremely vulnerable and the risk of getting injured are high.If unfortunately you are involved or had faced a road accident and you believe it wasn’t your fault, you have all the rights to claim for bicycle accident compensation.

If you face an accident what immediately you should do?

There are number of things that can increase your chances for filling a successful claim for compensation for bicycle accident injury, you also need to confirm that the injuries are not in worse conditions.

What you should not do if you face an accident?

There are few thing that you should not do, along with all the dos:

The following can be entitled to bicycle accident:

Bicycle Injuries:

The injuries that you have encountered during bicycle accident either all physical injuries or broken bones as well as the injuries that are psychological such as depression or any other injury caused by the bicycle accident

Bicycle Injury Damage:

Damage to the property:

If there has been any damage to your personal property you are entitled to claim for the damages. Whether it includes damage to your cycle helmet or any other item of clothing other some other attachments of your bike.

Earnings lost:

Costs of travel:

As your bicycle was your only mean of transportation but due to bicycle accident injury you had to take public transportation you can make claim for compensation based on mileage traveled.

To get bicycle accident compensation, you need to have all the documentation and receipts for bicycle compensation. It isn’t easy to get compensation & bicycle accident claims, ask your solicitor to help you in filling and getting bicycle compensation

How National Accident Support Line (NASL) Can Help?

First and foremost, we can help you by giving you free advice about starting a claim for your accident —- by listening to your experience. Your call with us is completely free and confidential and you’re never under any obligation to start your claim when you contact us.

Government statistics show that cyclists accounted for 6% of all road accident fatalities and 15% of all serious injuries in the year 2016.

We know that even the smallest collision can cause injuries that can affect you drastically. We also know that, often, the cyclist is not to blame. Unlike Vehicle Accidents Where insurance takes care of the repairs and Hire Cyclist often get into a Scenario where they don’t know much about how to recover Physical damages and financial implications resulting due to the accident.

So, if you’ve had a cycle accident that wasn’t your fault or someone you know who has, you need the help and expertise you deserve.

If you do have a potential claim, and you’re happy to continue, National Accident Support Line then take the stress out finding and providing a specialist solicitor who has experience working with cases similar to yours.