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Need help with your public place accident claim?

Public Accident can be of many types and might vary at different places and time. Slips, trips and falls, pavement trips and falls, shopping area accident, supermarket area accident or any negligence that falls under council domain can be considered under public place. In a case where you or your family have met an accident due to slip, trip or fall in these places and it happened due to the negligence of the concern authority, you might be eligible to claim compensation for your loss.
Injuries due to slips and trips may need a proper medical attention and incur you into heavy expense. However, if the accident was not your fault, you may ask for compensation for injuries and get your medical expense covered.

Who is eligible to claim compensation for public place accident?

If you have met an accident caused by hazards like poor lighting in you the area, uneven pavements or wet surfaces, broken and unmaintained floors, tripping and falling accidents happen often. This is mainly due to the negligence of the management, owners or landlords poor housekeeping by councils who fail to maintain the public areas. They are solely responsible for the damage caused by their negligence. Such negligence can get people into trouble as they face slips and trips leading to injuries likely, cuts, sprains and bruises. Sometimes they can also cause severe damage like bones fracture or head trauma etc. Such injuries disturb their lives and their routine.
Any public place which falls under the vicinity of an office, supermarkets, shopping areas or restaurants on the street or while accessing public transport in that locality may get you injured due to poor housekeeping and maintenance. Such issues must be duly addressed and broken pavements and alleys should be repaired without delays.
We know slips, trips and falls can be traumatic and upsetting your daily routine and work habits. They can affect your ability to work and earn. In any such incident that has led to an accident and you or your family member have suffered, call NASL. We are helping families that have met public place accident or slips trips accident in any of the public place.
You may be able to make a no win no fee public accident claim or slip and trip claim for compensation and help yourself to start making things right. To find out about eligibility you need to seek experts help, let NASL advisory help you with complete guide and support for all types of claims and compensation service.
We understand the emergency and your situation while you have suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault. The accident can come as a real shock for one self and the family pertaining to serious injuries one has suffered.
The injuries shook you with a mental impact as you have been injured all of a sudden while walking down the pavement or pathway or alley to reach certain place and now you are worried about your recovery and damage. It’s a very common state of mind to feel the pressure and stress and worry about lost of earnings and job and other medical treatments that can led to expenses.
A good advisory or an expert who can help you with a rightful compensation to get justice for your public accident claim is what you need at this time.
If you’ve been injured in a public place due to slips, trips or fall or any other reason, let NASL help. We know the steps and we know how to help you?

What are the main causes of an accident in public areas?

There are various factors and causes that are cited at the accident area;
In public areas, accidents involve pedestrians who mainly slip or fall due to broken paths or hurdles that is lying on the road, less lights, falling objects, damaged pathways, exposure to hazardous substances and poor maintenance or other. Sometimes the pedestrian is at fault. In many cases they miss the hazard or warning signs and want to avoid long routes and prefers using the broken paths to save time.
Acting carelessly, failing to look properly or walking very fast and in a hurry may cause a trip or a fall. Similarly, if you know the road is dark avoid using that pavement or path that might lead to an accident. Its important for the road management authority to put proper signs and warnings in such cases to avoid such mishaps that might be the lead cause of public place accident.

The local authorities

The local authorities and council have an obligation and a duty to maintain all public spaces and check that the properties are safe and in good order. As per the obligation the local authorities must conduct regular checks and inspections about maintenance of roads, pavements and other public areas.

Your local council may be responsible if you sustain an injury due to an accident in the premises;

An organization or a business entity

As per the law it’s obligatory for all businesses and organizations to maintain and ensure all their premises are safe and secure. They must take all reasonable measures to keep them well maintained so as no person gets harmed. A regular risk assessment should be conducted to identify issues and possible hazards so that precautionary measures can be taken in advance for safety concerns.

An owner or organization of a building may be liable to pay compensation if they failed to:

Another individual Responsible

If you have suffered an injury due to an animal bite or have been a victim of a crime, you may be entitled to claim if the other party is at fault. Sometimes accidents involving criminal assaults may also happen in public places. If you are the victim of a crime in public place, you may be entitled to claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). However, if the crime or assault happened in a park or a hotel or private place, the responsibility is of the owner. Incase you have suffered and the other party fails to take measures and protect your safety, you may claim compensation and ask NASL for help
Also, if you get bitten by a dog on the streets or in a park, the dog’s owner will likely be liable to pay you compensation. If it was their fault and they do not agree to deal fair, call National Accident Supportline experts for support.

Reasons for common accidents in public places are;

There are many reasons for accidents in public places. These accidents can be severe injuries like fractures, spinal cord injuries, brain trauma or injures like cuts and scrapes etc. There can be many different reasons that may be the cause of accident in public place.

Slips, trips and falls

On of the most common is Slips and trips accidents that could happen with anyone and anywhere. The main cause of slips and trips are uneven pavements, spills, wet floors, broken pathways, poor lighting, trailing cables and wires or some obstacles on the walkways.
If you or your family member met an accident due to slip or trip accident on the walkway or street or in a privately owned building like a restaurant or a shop, you may file a claim and if you need support call NASL advisory. The concerned owner and council have a duty to take care of such issues. Rather its their obligation to keep all public areas free of hazards and well maintained. Otherwise, in case of accident they have to pay the compensation for your accident in public.

Falling objects

Falling objects in a public place or a privately owned space is a serious risk to anyone passing by. As the person hit by the falling object can suffer serious injuries and sometimes it can be a lot more fatal accident. Serious injuries likely; face, head or brain injury, spine injuries or other. In privately owned places like supermarkets, stores and shops, such accident incurs due to poor maintenance and unmanaged stacked shelves. It may also happen while one walking down the building and certainly not aware of the danger of objects falling from buildings.
The private owners must ensure that proper warning signs are placed in the vicinity of the area that are prone to falling objects.
To prevent clients and public from facing any accidents and injuries business owners must check;
Besides, if you are walking on a street or pathway and suddenly some object fell off a private balcony or a windowsill causing injury to you or your loved ones, you might be eligible to claim personal injury compensation. Certainly, you need some expert’s advice, Contact NASL accident helpline and support advisory at, 03332122730

Falling from a height

If you or your family member falls from a height, it can be a devastating situation. One might end up with brain injuries, fractures, broken bones and even death.
There are many reasons that could lead to such an accident of falling, these hazards include;
You might be eligible for personal injury compensation in the case if the concern authority or management or a business fails to take all necessary precautions and steps to check and maintain the area and department as per rules follow. In any such case which has led your loved ones into an accident with serious injuries, call NASL for help. Our helpline 0333 2122730 are open for support for free advice.

Electric shocks

An electric shock can be very devastating and fatal. It can cause damage to the brain and organs as well as cause severe burns. If you have faced such unfortunate accident in a public place such as a restaurant or showroom, shop or hotel or anywhere in public, you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim against the owner provided the accident wasn’t your fault.
Sometimes such accidents happen due to faulty power outlets and appliances or damaged cords and deteriorated wirings. All businesses and departments have a duty to keep visitors safe by following the safety rules as dictated by the legal authorities.

Sports injuries

If you are injured during some sports activity and injuries happen due to someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible for the compensation of the damages. If your accident happened due to inadequate maintenance of the facilities or due to the usage of faulty equipment you might have a valid claim to apply.

Criminal act & assaults

Many crimes happen in a public place and if you or your loved ones happen to be a victim of any such robberies, attacks, physical and sexual abuse and assaults in any hotel or public or privately owned place, the authorities may be liable for not providing enough security and you may ask for compensation for your injuries in the case if the incident happened due to lack of proper management and security issues.

Dog attacks

Dog bites are very traumatic, both physically and psychologically. If a stray dog bites, you might be eligible to ask for compensation through the CICA. In the case if being bitten by a dog that was a pet and the owner couldn’t handle it properly in a public place, you may be eligible to claim from the owner of the pet.

Holiday accidents

When you and your family are on a holiday abroad, you expect to be carefree and want to have a fun. Nobody expects any accidents and injuries. However, if you suffered an accident in a public place such as a restaurant or a hotel or at airport, depending upon your circumstances, you might be eligible to claim as per the law of that country and you can seek help from the expert legal advisor, if you believe your accident in public was due to another party’s negligence. You can receive a free consultation with a NASL expert adviser, who will answer any questions you may have and let you know if you have a valid compensation claim.

What evidence will I need to make a successful public place accident claim?

To make a successful injury claim you need proper evidence and proof. If you were the victim of an accident in a public place, the relevant evidence can help you retrieve your compensation from that another party who was responsible for your accident. If enough evidence are not available the claim becomes weak and your case is not very strong. Therefore, it’s advisable to collect enough evidence at the site of accident to help support your compensation claim.


If you have suffered an accident in a public place recently call our expert solicitors for free advice
on claims.

We are living a busy and active life which often means traveling to and from places and visiting public areas almost every day. Public areas are crowded and susceptible to heavy traffic. It includes the places that are open to everyone like schools, shops, parks, markets, restaurants, swimming pools, roads and pavements. Sometimes these areas are the cause of accident happening due to someone else’s negligence.

However, it is the responsibility of local bodies and occupiers to assure people that the areas are safe and secure. But, if the occupier and local bodies failed to ensure your protection and if you have been the victim of injury or accident then you can call at National Accident Support Line for compensation advisory.

Compensation claims for accident in Public areas:

Accidents do occur but there are so many circumstances in which someone can slip, trip or has a fall due to someone else negligence. Some examples of injuries that can happen in public areas due to someone else’s fault are;

If you encountered such misfortunes to become injured in public place, for which, somebody else is responsible then you can call or contact National accident Support Line, we will surely help you out.

Procedure for Claim:

Contact at NASL, we have a team of expert advisors who have handled several public places accident claims and can guide you accordingly. These type of accidents can badly affect you and your family members because some injuries are severe enough that they can avert you from working which may result in a financial crisis. These financial hardships can be eased if someone else’s negligence is proved and your claim is successful.

To overcome this difficult situation of your life, call us on 0333 212 2730. You can also fill out an online enquiry form. Our advisory team is available 7 days a week, they will get back to you as soon as possible. They will try their best that you achieve the maximum amount of compensation for the claim.

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