Types of Motorbike Accidents & Claims

Sadly, motorbike accidents unlike cars often lead to more serious injury and in some cases. Motorbike accidents can be of different types and every accident consequences are different from one another. It’s important for a motorbike rider to take precautions and obey traffic rules strictly to avoid such damage. However there are situations when the accident that happen on road was due to other driver’s negligence. In such a case NASL advisory team can help with Motorbike accident claim compensation advice as well the rider can get a courtesy motorbike if the accident was not his fault. 

There are different types of motorbike accidents that happen and majority of accidents usually fit into the category where the rider seems to be eligible for claim and deserve a courtesy motorbike.

Motorbike Accidents at a Junction: It’s important that the driver on road should be well aware of junctions and road directions. Sometimes the accidents happen when the driver is not well aware of the surroundings and the negligence is the main cause of accident. Usually when a car driver fails to see a motorbike coming, while they are busy navigating the directions and finding their ways.  More often seen at junctions, driver’s negligence results in severe accidents.  In order to avoid these accidents the driver should be well learned about road directions and routes.

Accidents Whilst Stationary :  Another common accidents mainly scene on roads involves motorbike riders who are commonly seen being rear-ended by traffic reaching from behind them. These accidents occur due to a small bump or a toppling over to some obstacle nearby which may be more life threatening situation.  In many circumstances, it also happens that  a car driver fails to see a waiting motorbiker on road and hits him. In many cases the car drivers are being hit by a speedy motorbike riders at a junction or a traffic signal or pedestrian crossing. 

Accidents mainly occur when the rider fails to navigate the road or has lost control of their motorbike, usually on a curve or sometime even a lose chippings and road breakage, spills, or road works.

A sudden door opening of a car: In urban environments during busy day where cars are parked on roads, such accidents happen.  The most common is a motorbike passing by is hit by a sudden car door opening. Such incidents can end up in the severity between cuts and bruises to fatal accidents. This is purely negligence by someone who suddenly opens the car door on main road, providing the other rider is riding according to the law.

If you’ve been involved in such a situation or  similar to any of the ones above, don’t hesitate to your advisor or can call NASL team for support.

Hit and Run Cases: Crashing your bike is upsetting, therefore it’s important to be alert while driving on roads. Experiencing a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault and some one hit your vehicle and flee away, it’s really distressful. But fortunately there are laws where you can fit eligible to claim compensation if you have faced an accident due to someone else’s negligence and the guilty party flee away though. If you need help and support in any of such case where you feel you are eligible to claim call NASL.

Serious Accidents: The dangers of riding a motorbike in comparison with a car are more and every motorbike rider is well aware of the same but that’s no reason to stop riding. It’s just that one needs to be careful and obey proper traffic and road safety rules. Sadly, Motorbike riders are more vulnerable on the roads, no matter how well protected they are. Apart from safety precautions accidents do happen and sometimes the intensity is serious.

If you’ve sustained any type of serious injury or any loss due to someone else’s negligence, get in touch with NASL team. We can help you with the right advice and support.


Get the Right Compensation you deserve

When you contact NASL advisory team, we help you with a replacement bike in case of a non fault accident and also help you get connected with the solicitor on No Win No Fee basis who can fight to get you the maximum compensation you deserve. 

Every year, many people are being helped by NASL team following a non-fault motorbike accident. So concentrate on the things that are important to you and leave the rest on our team. We would help you get connected with the right solicitor in case of a non-fault accident.

Over the years, NASL advisory team have handled thousands of clients helping them with claims and compensation guide. If you think you are eligible and accident wasn’t your fault call us for free consultation: 03332122730.

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In case of a non-fault accident, where your Motorbike is damaged and you need a courtesy motorbike delivered at your desired location, our fleet staff can help you with its delivery.

  • We go the extra mile to help you!

At NASL we understand the pain you are going through; damage of vehicle and health issues at the same time. Our advisory team helps and guide you with all your queries to help you get back to your normal routine.

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