Driving Checklist For New Drivers OR What To Check Before Driving

Whether you are a new driver or driving on roads for years, safety is supreme for every driver. The first lesson that is taught to new drivers is about the significance of road safety. To avoid any road accident, people (Especially new drivers) should have enough knowledge about driving and a proper checklist. We are highlighting few of the important aspects, necessary to be check before driving checklist. If you are a learner, it would be worthwhile for you to go through this beneficial checklist. It will also be helpful to those who drive recklessly and hastily on roads.

Checklist For New Drivers OR What To Check Before Driving

Checking the mirrors is essential:

Take a look at your mirrors, as soon as you get into your car. Well-positioned and cleaned mirrors are very important for the safety of your life. Adjust all mirrors as per your need and make sure all the mirrors are properly cleaned because clear visibility is important while driving.

Engine, Oil and fuel checking-No stress guaranteed:

It is essential to know that how to check and change the important fluids of a vehicle. It is a simple step of maintaining a car and can assist you to protect car’s functionality. So, put up your bonnet and get to know about the engine. Do it on a regular basis to avoid any inconvenience.

Speed limits can make you invincible:

It is a legal requirement to be aware of the speed limits of each road type. It is important for you and for other road users as well. Be cautious about the signs and road type while driving. Speed kills! So always be careful and drive with carefulness.

Do not use a phone while driving:

It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving. Do not call, message or update social media while driving. It can be dangerous for you and for others too. If it is urgent and important, pull over to the side of the road and reply to the message or call.

Giving indications to other drivers:

It is good to communicate on road with other drivers by indicating them where you are going. But, to evade accidents, be certain to give them enough time when indicating. It is courteous and quite important to share the road with other drivers and walkers.

Driving when sleepy or tired:

Before getting on the road, make sure that you are completely fit and fine. Many drivers do not know about the danger of driving when sleepy and tired. It can be fatal for you and for others road users as well. It is just wrong that you are drunk while driving. If you are tired and sleepy, take a short sleep or rest for few hours first and then, set off again.

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