How can I claim for an injury at work

Meeting with an accident while at work is quite common these days. Specifically if your job involves manual labour, you are at a higher risk of getting injuries. If you experience an injury at work, you are most probably entitled to a worker’s compensation, but the big question is, how do you identify if you can claim for the compensation or not. While most of the employers across UK, do abide by the law of providing compensation to their employees who may come across a mishap, many of them do not have any such policy. However, this does not nullify your chances of being compensated since it’s your legal right. All you require to do is to make sure of your eligibility of getting reimbursed your work related injury claim.

Here is how you can claim for your legal right.

Consult a solicitor who can help you with your Worker’s Compensation:

In case you are unaware of the basic steps to request for a compensation, you should consult a worker’s compensation attorney or solicitor. You will be equipped with a detailed understanding of your right for work accident claim UK.

Report your accident to the concerned department:

It is the best practice to begin with. Your employer must be notified about the accident and each detail regarding it. You may report it to the Human Resource department or any concerned one. You may be asked to fill out a form (if your company has a proper ‘injury at work claim system’). If not, request for a compensation right away.

Get healthcare measures:

Once your accident has been reported by the company, you should instantly get healthcare measures so that the doctor can note the extent of your injuries first hand. This will also allow your doctor to record the details in your medical report for the company to see.

For more information call national accident support line on 0333 212 2730.

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