Pedestrian Accident Compensation Claims

Every day on London’s crowded streets, Millions of journeys are made by pedestrians and it is hard to overstate how serious a road traffic accidents can have an impact on the life of pedestrians or a motorbike rider or the driver himself. It is likely inevitable to see that there will be an accident on road or a sudden collision between vehicles and pedestrians, aftermath of which leaves a traumatic impact on the sufferer and the It family as well.

Its important civic duty of all to take care for your safety while driving or crossing a road as pedestrian to avoid such negligence. Since the threat to motorist is higher than the pedestrian the law usually works in the favor of pedestrian. However, in an attempt to cross the road pedestrian. Needs to be extra careful and abide the traffic crossing rules; zebra crossing or a pelican crossing precisely.

On roads, the drivers have to take care much while driving and slow down their vehicle near to zebra crossing for the safety of both, NASL have experts who are the best advisory team and have dealt with many claims for London pedestrians.  These claims range from minor bumps to the most catastrophic injuries and other fatal accident types.

In a pedestrian accident claims if you have been knocked down by a careless driver, just get in touch with our National Accident support team and they would be available to help.  Our experts would guide you whether you have grounds to make a claim or not. Our initial advice is completely free and we work on “no win no fee terms.

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What Are The Main Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable on roads and can face severe injuries if hit by a careless driver or other road user. The lack of any physical protection is also another reason and pedestrians face accidents.

Besides there are many causes of Pedestrians hit and run by car or accidents likely due to drivers’ negligence. Sometimes these accident end up in serious injuries or fatal accident as well. The reasons are mostly seen that either the driver was tired or under the influence of drug or drink or some car theft or inappropriate vehicle condition or a reckless driving and over speeding.

The fatalities of pedestrian  accidents is increasing due to heavy traffic on the roads and  somewhere also because of an increase in the age profile of pedestrians who are more  likely to be injured. Often seen that Pedestrian traffic is highest in between 3pm to 6pm as its working hours and the time is associated with school run and commuting as well.

Sometimes Pedestrian crossing facilities are faulty or inadequate and they tend to be the accident hotspots due to busy junctions.

There are many factors that tend to relate the severity of injuries; vehicle condition, speed, angle of crossing and more. Common injuries include minor bruises and cuts, while some pedestrians suffer traumatic injuries or bone fracture or musculoskeletal wounds, abdominal injuries, chest or leg injuries etc. Few of the injuries are life-changing injuries and can lead to long term disabilities.

If ever you’ve been injured as a pedestrian due to someone else’s negligence and reckless driving and hit by a vehicle you are eligible to make a Pedestrian Accident Claim For Compensation.

However severity of the accident can decide the if you are eligible to seek compensation, also if it was caused due to the negligence of another road user. You can stand eligible to claim compensation for loss of earnings that prevented you from working and all the medical expenses that occurred to settle you back to normal.

If the Pedestrian Accident wasn’t your fault than we can help.  NASL advisors will give free and impartial advice and can help you provide no-obligation case reviews on your eligibility to claim. Later we can help you to be partnered with one of our experienced personal injury solicitors if your case stands on strong grounds to make a pedestrian claim so you can benefit from our No Win No Fee Service. We can also help if you’d like to claim on behalf of someone else or a child who was hit by a car.

Reasons For Pedestrian Accidents Whilst Crossing

The most common fatalities involves the following attributes:

  • Pedestrians walking or crossing road without caution.
  • Not walking on Pelican crossing or Zebra Crossing
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Walking at night versus the day is more risky
  • Age of the pedestrian matters (from young to the very old)
  • Not following the safety precautions, traffic rules or crossing in the wrong angle.

In many cases, an inattentive pedestrian can be at fault as an inattentive driver.  While in some cases the motorist is at fault and not the pedestrian. However one should always follow safety rules and tips when walking.

Tips To Avoid Any Potential Accidents:

It’s important to keep safe when crossing the road as a pedestrian rather being sorry.

  • At the heavy traffic junctions slow down and look out for vehicles as they sometimes may appear out of sight.
  • Don’t rush and always use pedestrian crossings while crossing the road at all times.
  • Lookout for potential hazards.
  • Incase at times there are no pedestrian crossing and you need to cross the road urgently, always cross at right angles to the traffic, likely     diagonally.
  • Before stepping out onto the road, try to make eye contact with drivers as much as possible. This lets them see you and they can stop if necessary.
  • At night or when its dark and you need to cross, wear a bright/neon color or reflective clothing to alarm the driver from distance.

How Much Compensation Can you Get  For A Pedestrian Injury Claim?

The amount you can claim for your pedestrian injury depends on:

  • The severity of your injury, and
  • Any costs or any financial losses you have incurred in recovery and more.
  • The compensation amount also depends on type of damages

What Should You Do If You Or A Pedestrian And Hit By A Vehicle Or A Car?

Many pedestrians remain unconscious when being struck while others simply daze. Regardless of the situation, the mental or physical shock leaves you speechless and you are not able to decide anything for yourself. As soon as you are able to think, you must follow post-accident steps to ensure your legal rights to claim if the accident wasn’t your fault.

The  following steps should be followed to ensure your legal rights, and your future.

  1. Immediately call to seek medical assistance.

Call 911 emergency for immediate medical assistance. Even if you feel fine, still it’s advisable to get a full medical evaluation.

  1. Collect evidence and document your injuries if possible.

Taking a personal inventory is advisable; note any visual injuries as they are injured and but may be not feel the pain currently, what areas of your body are in pain? Clothes torn, loss of any valuables, feel your head, face and other body parts if there is any blood?

  1. Call the police

It’s advisable and very important to note the events that led to the accident as your solicitor may need a police report that records the accident scene.

  1. Avoid discussing faults on the scene with the motorist party

Since you are not fully aware of the law it’s better not to discuss any proceedings or faults with the motorist or his legal advisors as it can be used against your trial. You should only discuss your story with your advisory team, solicitor or medical personnel you trust.

  1. Contact your advisory team – NASL to seek professional legal advice.

In order to help you make a medical or injury compensation claims “post-accident” seek professional assistance and advice. Sometimes injuries may impact your life and lead to physical or emotional and financial issues. The motorist’s will most likely deny any claims you file and attempt to place fault on you. However, NASL experts can help you with the right advice to ensure you get your legal rights.

Can I make A Pedestrian Accident Claims On Behalf Of Someone?

Yes, you can claim on behalf of someone else injured in a Pedestrian Accident if that accident happened due to someone else’s negligence. Pedestrian accidents often are very serious ones and person involved is too distressed to talk or able to claim. So the loved ones can make a personal injury claim on their behalf.

A Pedestrian Accident Claim is a type of a personal injury compensation claim which is  made to claim compensation for road traffic accidents while using the road for crossing on foot.

If a family member or close friend have been injured and hit by a vehicle while crossing the road or whilst walking along the pavement the consequences can be serious and lead to severe injuries. Apart from bruises and injuries there is a possibility of surgery requirement and rehabilitation need as well. The loss of income is quite stressful at such an emotional time. Help your loved ones bear this additional financial pressure and get an expert advisory help regarding the compensation they can get. Contact NASL today for free, 03332122730 and speak to our friendly team.


We have been dealing with pedestrian accident claims in London UK and  its obligatory for drivers on road to take care for the safety of pedestrians. Compensation for the loss of health or income is intended to help you with the harm you have suffered. However, if you have been injured while crossing a road by a careless driver you may be eligible to claim compensation.

Call now to get free advice +44 333 212 2730 and we can work on “no win no fee” terms.

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